Data Management#

Jina AI Cloud offers data management of DocumentArrays, using either the console or the DocArray Python API.

Web Console#

In order to use the web console to manage your storage, you need to log in at Then, head to the User Storage page.

Your DocumentArrays should appear in the data section inside the storage page:


You can delete, download, view, or change the visibility of your DocumentArray objects using the web console.

Python API#

DocArray offers a Python API for data management. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you can start using DocumentArray methods to manage data.

Push (create/update):#

You can push in-memory DocumentArray objects using the push() method:

from docarray import DocumentArray

da = DocumentArray(...)
da.push('my_da', show_progress=True)

This creates a DocumentArray object in the cloud or update it if it already exists.

Pull (Read):#

You can download a DocumentArray stored in the cloud using the pull() method:

from docarray import DocumentArray

my_da = DocumentArray.pull('my_da', show_progress=True)


You can list all DocumentArray objects stored in the cloud using the cloud_list() method:

                      You have 1 DocumentArray on the cloud                       
  Name     Length   Access          Created at                 Updated at         
  my_da    10       public   2022-09-15T07:14:54.256Z   2022-09-15T07:14:54.256Z  


Use the show_table parameter to show summary information about DocumentArrays in the cloud.


You can delete DocumentArray objects in the cloud using the method cloud_delete():