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Store on Jina AI Cloud

When you want to use your DocList in another place, you can use: - the .push() method to push the DocList to Jina AI Cloud . - the .pull() function to pull its content back.


To store documents on Jina AI Cloud, you need to install the extra dependency with the following line:

pip install "docarray[jac]"

Push and pull

To use the store DocList on Jina AI Cloud, you need to pass a Jina AI Cloud path to the function starting with 'jac://'.

Before getting started, create an account at Jina AI Cloud and a Personal Access Token (PAT).

from docarray import BaseDoc, DocList
import os

class SimpleDoc(BaseDoc):
    text: str

os.environ['JINA_AUTH_TOKEN'] = 'YOUR_PAT'
DL_NAME = 'simple-dl'
dl = DocList[SimpleDoc]([SimpleDoc(text=f'doc {i}') for i in range(8)])

# push to Jina AI Cloud

# pull from Jina AI Cloud
dl_pull = DocList[SimpleDoc].pull(f'jac://{DL_NAME}')

Push and pull with streaming

When you have a large amount of documents to push and pull, you can use the streaming function. .push_stream() and .pull_stream() stream the DocList to save memory usage. You can set multiple DocList to pull from the same source as well. The usage is the same as streaming with local files. Please refer to push and pull with streaming with local files.


To delete the store, you need to use the static method .delete() of JACDocStore class:

from import JACDocStore