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Store on-disk

When you want to use your DocList in another place, you can use:

Push and pull

To use the store locally, you need to pass a local file path to the function starting with 'file://'.

from docarray import BaseDoc, DocList

class SimpleDoc(BaseDoc):
    text: str

dl = DocList[SimpleDoc]([SimpleDoc(text=f'doc {i}') for i in range(8)])

dl_pull = DocList[SimpleDoc].pull('file://simple_dl')

A file with the name of will be created in $HOME/.docarray/cache to store the DocList.

Push and pull with streaming

When you have a large amount of documents to push and pull, you can use the streaming method: .push_stream() and .pull_stream() stream the DocList to save memory usage. You set multiple DocLists to pull from the same source as well:

from docarray import BaseDoc, DocList

class SimpleDoc(BaseDoc):
    text: str

store_docs = [SimpleDoc(text=f'doc {i}') for i in range(8)]

dl_pull_stream_1 = DocList[SimpleDoc].pull_stream('file://dl_stream')
dl_pull_stream_2 = DocList[SimpleDoc].pull_stream('file://dl_stream')

for d1, d2 in zip(dl_pull_stream_1, dl_pull_stream_2):
    print(f'get {d1}, get {d2}')
get SimpleDoc(id='5a4b92af27aadbb852d636892506998b', text='doc 0'), get SimpleDoc(id='5a4b92af27aadbb852d636892506998b', text='doc 0')
get SimpleDoc(id='705e4f6acbab0a6ff10d11a07c03b24c', text='doc 1'), get SimpleDoc(id='705e4f6acbab0a6ff10d11a07c03b24c', text='doc 1')
get SimpleDoc(id='4fb5c01bd5f935bbe91cf73e271ad590', text='doc 2'), get SimpleDoc(id='4fb5c01bd5f935bbe91cf73e271ad590', text='doc 2')
get SimpleDoc(id='381498cef78f1d4f1d80415d67918940', text='doc 3'), get SimpleDoc(id='381498cef78f1d4f1d80415d67918940', text='doc 3')
get SimpleDoc(id='d968bc6fa235b1cfc69eded92926157e', text='doc 4'), get SimpleDoc(id='d968bc6fa235b1cfc69eded92926157e', text='doc 4')
get SimpleDoc(id='30bf347427a4bd50ce8ada1841320fe3', text='doc 5'), get SimpleDoc(id='30bf347427a4bd50ce8ada1841320fe3', text='doc 5')
get SimpleDoc(id='1389877ac97b3e6d0e8eb17568934708', text='doc 6'), get SimpleDoc(id='1389877ac97b3e6d0e8eb17568934708', text='doc 6')
get SimpleDoc(id='264b0eff2cd138d296f15c685e15bf23', text='doc 7'), get SimpleDoc(id='264b0eff2cd138d296f15c685e15bf23', text='doc 7')